Guilin Merryland Golf Club
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Guilin Merryland Golf Course is the most typical American hilly course in China, with 27 international standard holes and a total fairway length of 10,554 yards. The whole course has been planned in compliance with the principles of USGA for course building and has been created by engaging American Famous Specialist Golden Louise in accordance with the landscape of Guilin. The fairway profiling has been designed by American fairway specialist David at a high cost. The greenish course has been designed along the curve of Ling Lake as well as by the remote mountains. With the perfect overall planning and different customer-first soft and hardware facilities, the diversified mountains, clear water and unique artificial landscape of the golf course are integrated into one While playing the golf, the players can also enjoy the unique world-class beauties and experience the extreme honor. Course A is a hill fairway mainly of hill views. The fairway built along the hills is full of different rise-and-fall changes so that each swing will be a challenge; At Course B by Ling Lake, almost all the holes are adjacent to water. With the not so wide fairway and the wind coming for the lake surface, the landing point of each swing appears to be extremely important. Due to the water in Ling Lake, the style of Course B not only changes, but also striking becomes poetic. Course C takes the hilly style and adapts cleverly to the natural views such as topography and mountain views, integrating the flowing water, waterfall, small bridge and special plantation into one. The whole course includes splendid views, wide vision and beautiful sceneries of lake and mountains. The holes are respectively characteristic. Water flowing under small bridges, natural floating islands, water hazards, small-island Green……higher requirement for force and accuracy.
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