Huangshan City is a region with a long history and splendid cultures. Shexian and Yixian Counties were established more than 2,000 years ago. In the Jin Dynasty (265-420) Huangshan City was called Xin'an Shire. Until the Song Dynasty (960-1279) when the name was changed to Huizhou, the city was famed for Hui businessmen, Hui carvings, Xin'an school of painting, Xin'an medicine, Hui architecture, Hui cuisine, and Hui opera (one of the tonalities of Beijing Opera). The notable scenic spots in Huangshan city includes Mt.Huangshan, Tangyue Memorial Archway, Tunxi Ancient Street and the ancient villages such as Xidi and Hongcun. Historians at home and abroad regard Huangshan City as a natural history and culture museum of China.


Since Huangshan City is a tourist city with a pleasant climate, travel plans need not be interrupted by weather. So the sights of Huangshan City, such as Tunxi Ancient Street, Xidi, and Hongcun Ancient Villages, Tangyue Archways, Flower Mountain and Enigma Caves can be visited throughout the year as can Mt. Huangshan with each season offering different appealing features.


Huangshan City could be easily accessed by the efficient and upgraded airline, railway, highway and the city transportation. Also the accommodation here includes all kinds from luxurious hotels to the cheap hostels. And as it is a very important tourist city, restaurants, recreation and shopping centers in Huangshan City are also with many choices. Be sure to try Hui dishes, snacks and local products and especially the memorable

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