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As golf has become a popular sport in China, there are many golf courses in China worth your visit, and those golf courses were designed by famous golf architects from around the world. You could not only enjoy your exciting golf courses but also explore 5000 years of Chinese culture and history - The Great Wall, Forbidden City and so on. Just join the tours we have arranged for you now.

Destinations: Shanghai,Kunming,Lijiang,Beijing

Yunnan is known as the kingdom of plants and animals, beautiful landscape, colorful ethnic customs, and a pleasant climate. We arrange Kunming Spring City Resort Golf Club and Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Golf Club for you besides the most popular golf courses in Beijing and Shanghai.

From USD 3789

From USD 3429

Destinations: Beijing,Kunming,Lijiang

This tour begins with Beijing, Beijing CBD Golf Club and Beijing Golf Club. Yunnan for Kunming and Lijiang, you will enjoy the golf course there in addition to the beautiful landscape, colorful ethnic customs and pleasant climate.

From USD 2429

From USD 2209

Destinations: Beijing,Xi’an,Guilin,Shanghai

The most popular tourism cities in China. The first-class courses at these cities.

From USD 3379

From USD 3039

Destinations: Beijing,Shanghai

Experience the modern atmosphere in China. This tour will be the one you are looking for.

From USD 2019

From USD 1739

Destinations: Beijing,Xi’an,Shanghai

If you are time poor and want to see the essence of China, this tour will be your right choice, and in this tour, we arrange the most popular golf courses for you at these cities. Just check it now.

From USD 2619

From USD 2319

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